A full Symphonic orchestra quietly assembled behind Yes’ stage gear as the crowd trickled in. By 7:40 the grandiose 51 piece orchestra conducted by William Stromberg opened the show. After a standing ovation Yes took centre stage. The 2001 formation of Yes consists of Jon Anderson (vocals and percussion), Steve Howe (guitars), Chris Squire (Bass) and Alan White (Drums and percussion); Tom Brislin sat in on keyboards. Most of the Five thousand “or so” in attendance were probably old enough to remember the days when Yes ruled supreme. Two decades ago Yes sold out the Montreal Forum within 3 hours. Long time fans of the band probably realized how privileged they were to hear these fine musicians performing songs from their vast repertoire of hits. Jon Anderson announced that the band was going to perform some songs from their newest CD, titled Magnification. ‘If you magnify everything good around you, it will magnify everything good inside you,” Anderson mentioned as the band proceeded into “Don’t Go”. The following song, ‘Deeper’ was written by Alan White in 3 hours’ proclaimed Anderson. Steve Howe played a phenomenal double acoustic solo, and Jon Anderson’s sweet voice delighted the crown all night. The spectacular light show added splendidly to the ethereal and dreamlike music. Yes and their fans may have aged, but the music was just as dreamy and poignant as ever. Yes has always had a reputation for performing outstanding live concerts; this night’s two and half-hour performance was no different.