Whats the Worst that Could Happen

Kevin Caffery (Martin Lawrence) is a smooth talking thief who gets a tip for an easy heist job at Billionaire tycoon Max Fairbanks’ (Danny DeVito) beachfront mansion. Max’s mansion is supposed to be unoccupied as he is undergoing bankruptcy for shady business dealings and hasn’t been able to bribe the judge yet. Despite a court order restricting Max from being in his own home, we find Max busy with a penthouse model (Sascha Knopf) when Kevin walks into what he thinks is an empty house. Max actually captures the startled thief and while the police take him away, he adds insult to injury by taking the thief’s good luck ring that he recently got from his new found girlfriend (Carmen Ejogo). Confused, well don’t worry about it too much, just sit back, relax and enjoy. There are plenty of funny scenes and one-liners. Also some outstanding supporting roles from Detective Alex Tardio (William Fichtner) and Larry Miller.