Whatever Happened to Harold Smith

This humorous film begins in 1999 when Vince (Michael Legge) the son of Harold Smith (Tom Courtenay) scatters his fathers ashes in the ocean. Shortly after the opening scene, Vince returns us to 1977, Vince works as a clerk for a legal firm. All day he is teased by a co worker named Joanna. By night Vince is a self proclaimed anarchist punker obsessed with John Travolta’s lead role in Saturday Night Fever and is a disco John wannabe. He falls in love with an exotic punker whom he happens to work with by day. His father is retired and enjoys relaxing, watchingTV and through some magical powers, enjoys levitating, objects and people. Sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength. There were many humorous and sometimes bizarre situations in this film that I though were quite funny. If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to those brits zany sense of humours, then you will enjoy this one.