Varians War

Varian Fry (William Hurt) plays the role of a journalist visiting Berlin during the Second World War, in this made in Montreal quasi – epic film. Fry sees first hand the injustice and intolerance towards the Jews in Europe and decides to help. When Fry returns home to the States he forms the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC) in hopes of liberating Jewish European intellectuals such as artists, novelists and philosophers. These same Jewish individuals were also highly sought after by the Nazis, since their contributions to Judaism and mankind were a threat to the Nazis power. Fry returns to France and slowly forms contacts Freier (Alan Arkin) who helps him get false passports, Albert Hirschman (Matt Craven) and Alma (Lynn Redgrave) who will undoubtedly help him and his cause. This film is slightly over two hours long and it does not capture the visual horrors and atrocities of war. However, the efforts of Fry were unique as he risked his life to save others in this courageous and true story. The Israel Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority includes a list of 17,433 people designated as “righteous among the nations,” Varian Fry is the only American on that list. Fry is credited with freeing thousands from Nazi occupied France and yet his existence remains relatively obscure.