A graduate student Julia (Laura Regan) who has always suffered re-occurring nightmares from her childhood, confronts her worst one head on. A life long friend asks to meet her in a restaurant. Billy “Jon Abrahams” and her Grew up together and they have always shared similar nightmares. He warns her that they have returned and blows his brains out. This real-life event triggers old and new nightmares. Who are they, they are a bunch of setups for one liners, like they’re here and they’re out there, but mostly they are a redundant amount of scenes filmed in the dark showing gooey caverns and black slimy objects. Laura meets two of his friends (Ethan Embry, Dogma Dominczyc), and finds out they also share these nightmares in common. As the film moves on in a very tranquil pace, they soon realize these dreams might be real and that she might end up ending it all like Billy
No matter what they say Id file this horror flick under average at best