The Village

Sorry horror fans, but this film sucks. And to make matters worse, Its boring as all hell. However, this would have been a good one hour episode of the twilight zone. As a movie it was way to long to pull off. One of the charactors reminded me of a bumper sticker I recently read while in the states “Somewhere in texas, theres a village without an idiot”. You will certainly feel that way if you have to pay 12 bucks to see it. The film takes place in Pennsylvania in the 19th century in a small village. The town believes they are surrounded by a mysterious enemy and refer to it as “those we do not speak of”. After 30 minutes or so of trying to build up the charactors , they briefly show the evil creatures that are surrounding them. Talk about a lamo looking creature batman. And why no-one in the town said, lets see if we can make it bleed, ill never know. Yes there was a surprise ending which did make the movie make more sense but clocking in at almost two hours made it all pointless.
This film also had quite the cast but none of them will win an award for trying to save it as I found the acting to be below average. The town leader was played by, Edward Walker (William Hurt), and the village elders, including August Nicholson (Sigourney Weaver) and Edward Walker (Brendan Gleeson), Walker’s two red-haired daughters, Kitty and Ivy (Judy Greer and Bryce Dallas Howard(the daughter of Ron Howard ), Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix).