The Score

Living in Montreal I sometimes forget how beautiful our city is, as I see it every day and can take its beauty for granted. Although Montreal has been used as a background for many films, Frank Oz who directed “The Score” showed us our city as a major character in the film. Not only was the background imagery so wonderful and spine tingling to see, but the story also took place in Montreal. Now add three big guns for actors and you have plenty of good value seeing this film: Robert De Niro play’s “Nick Wells” a master burglar who owns a Jazz bar in Old Montreal, Marlon Brando “Max” plays the role of fence and friend of Nick. He introduces him to Edward Norton “Brian” who has a plan to steal a Scepter worth 30 million dollars that has been seized at the Customs Bureau. Although any actors could have portrayed these roles, the three made a pretty good team and the story was decent enough to keep my attention. Check out how great our city shined and you wont be disappointed.