The Punisher

Another vigilante movie adapted from the marvel comic book the punisher with lots of hardcore action and more military toys than you can shake a stick at. Frank Castle(Tom Jane) Plays an undercover FBI agent. This is his last case, and he gets killed by his fellow FBI agents along with Bobby Saint (James Carpinello), who plays the son of Howard Saint (John Travolta). It turns out they were using fake bullets and although Bobby Saint was killed, our hero Frank Castles death was staged to protect his identity so he could retire without a trace. Howard Saint is a money launderer for a huge crime organization and very easily finds out that the death was staged and Castles home address. He dispatches a kill squad to kill his entire family and of course Castle. As if god was watching over him, or there would be no story, he survives and vows vengeance on everyone involved with Saint. Certainly no awards for this one, but the action was non stop