The Hunted

(Tommy Lee Jones) plays L.T. Bonham a retired instructor hired by the military to train human killing machines. He is now retired and living in the wilderness in British Columbia as a tracker on an animal reserve. The FBI needs his expert hunting techniques to capture one of his ex army students. Aaron Hallam (Benicio Del Toro), plays a human killing machine who has crossed the line and never came back from the horrors of his past life. He has started killing innocent Americans. The FBI recognizes the style of the killings to the techniques taught by Bonham. Both of these actors have won academy awards and could not save this film. There were moments when I couldn’t hear the simplistic dialogue or follow the weak storyline over the groans of the audience. However, the action and fight scenes were non stop and the violence overly excessive, which will make this a must see for audiences who are special force type wanna bee’s.