The Human Stain

This is the gripping tale of Coleman Silk, played to perfection naturally, by Sir Anthony Hopkins. He is a professor at a prestigious New England college until a false accusation of racial prejudice leads him to resign his position and finally face up to the lie he has been living for most of his adult life. You see, he was born white into a black family, a fact he conveniently hid during his rise up the career ladder. Now, it has all come crashing down around him, but he attempts to rebuild his life while also entering into a scandalously torrid affair with the Nicole Kidman character, who absolutely sizzles on screen. It is her best performance since Eyes Wide Shut. Silk befriends Gary Sinise, playing Nathan Zuckerman, who doubles as the narrator and is the conscience of the movie in the role of a writer. The screenplay was adapted from the Philip Roth novel and Ed Harris is off the wall crazy as Kidman’s jealous estranged husband with a few screws loose. A brilliantly acted and directed piece of entertainment. I strongly recommend it.