The Emperors New Groove

Walt Disney’s new animated feature will definitely groove you to laugh at its adventurous, fantastical story.It doesn’t follow the style of classical animation; it has twists and turns unlike any other, which creates numerous delightful surprises.It’s a tale set in a magical kingdom, about the moral journey of the Emperor Kuzco, who is turned into a Llama by his evil assistant Yzma. With the help from Pacha, a village man with a big heart, he sees the kindness in others which enables him to find the kindness within himself. This newly acquired virtue eventually empowers Kuzco to overthrow Yzma, and also helps him become an even better emperor.This is a great story, and a lovely portrayal of the characters.The fabulous Voice Over actors include David Spade, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton, and John Goodman and make this movie very enjoyable.The upbeat soundtrack for this film features the music ofGrammy-Award winning singer Sting.This one isn’t just for the kids, adults will enjoy it, just as much.