The Audio of Being

After 1999’s critically acclaimed ‘Beautiful Midnight,’ Matthew Good wasted no time getting back into the swing of things with this current release. In August of 2000, Good locked himself in a hotel room in Whistler, BC and wrote the music for this, the band’s fourth album. The band then recorded the twelve tracks in a Vancouver studio. There are some very impressive songs on The Audio Of Being. “Man of Action” is nearly seven minutes long and features a very eerie sounding guitar riff at the beginning of the song, “Carmelina” is a great rock and roll song which features super guitar work and strong vocals and was one of my favorites. The album will be released in three distinct colors, white, grey and black and each one will have a different saying on each of the album’s spine. All three together will spell something. A limited number of copies will come with a special booklet entitled, ‘A Pleasurable Headache,’ which will feature the lyrics to every Matthew Good Band song.