Texoma is Jimmy LaFave’s first studio album in roughly four years. Once again joined by Larry Wilson on guitars and David Webb on keyboards (both were major players on LaFave’s Austin Skyline album.) The Burns Sisters provide soulful backing vocals this time around. The sixteen selections served up on Texoma cover several musical genres. From the danceable “Poor Man’s Dream” and “On the Road to Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Warm ballads like “Never is a Moment” and “Woody Guthrie “ drew me into this CD upon my first listen. LaFave has the uncanny ability to create music that reaches his audience on an emotional echelon.Songs like “Glorious Day” and “Love Can Find Its Own Way” make you feel great. LaFave also adds new twists to covers by John Phillips (“San Francisco”), Jimmy Webb (“The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress”) and Gretchen Peters’ (“On a Bus to St. Cloud.”) His homage to Bob Dylan’s “Emotionally Yours” is wonderful.Jimmy LaFave once again proves that he is both arocker and a ballad singer with a great voice, kind of like the “free wheelin’ foot-tapper from Hibbing” himself.