This new CD is for those of you who devotedly watch H.B.O’s,The Sopranos television series regularly. The show’s creator David Chase has compiled a two-disc compilation, keeping every mobster music fan in mind.The wide variety of musical styles on this CD kept me engulfed throughout my first audition. The album’s opening selection includes an enthralling rendition / combination of Henry Mancini’s instrumental version of “Peter Gunn” mixed with the Police’s classic “Every Breath You Take”. Several tunes on this CD construe mod activity; listen to Cake’s “Frank Sinatra”, Bob Dylans version of Dean Martin’s “Return to Me”. Of course ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank Sinatra contributes “Baubles, Bangles and Beads”. This CD has music “you can’t refuse, or else.” Some of my favourite songs include: Van Morison’s “Gloria, Kasey Chambers “The Captain,” Otis Redding’s“My Lovers Prayer, Elvis Costello & the Attractions “High Fidelity” and The Rolling Stones “Thru and Thru”. Also of interest for diehard Sopranos fans maybe the dialogue from the show’s final episode of season two.