See Spot Run

This film Is a fun family film that will grab your little one’s attention and bring laughter to the whole family. So here’s the premise of the story. Agent Eleven (Bob), An FBI dog is placed in the witness protection program after biting off the private parts of local mobster Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino) in a botched police raid. Sonny wanting revenge decides to put out a hit on this special canine. After the attempted hit on Agent Eleven goes awry, he escapes and hides in Gordon’s (David Arquette) delivery truck. Gordon a life long bachelor and full time postal worker has seen his share of dogs but just the same eventually befriends Agent Eleven. While Bob is busy baby-sitting his beautiful neighbour’s (Leslie Bibb) son (Angus T. Jones) in the hopes of getting on her good graces, Agent Eleven and Gordon get into all sorts of trouble . You will have to discover the rest of the film on your own. I broke out in laughter a few times, even though the acting was typical and the zany stunts grew tiresome after a while. This movie should be seen with your favorite little munchkin, they’ll love it.