Second Hand Lions

Michael Caine and Robert Duvall star in this heart warming coming of age tale set in 1960’s Texas. The 2 old curmudgeons lives are turned upside down when a precocious teenager played convincingly by Haley Joel Osment, gets dumped on his great uncles laps for the summer by his irresponsible mother. Slowly the old coots warm up to the boy and they constantly amaze the lad with stories of daring do from their past coupled with some pretty hairy stunts performed right before our eyes. We enjoy flashbacks to Caine and Duvall’s glory years and eventually a strong bond develops between Osment and his uncles. There are some funny scenes involving flying through a barn, shooting at traveling salesmen intent on getting a chunk of the old wise guys rumored new found fortune and a menagerie of animals that tend to steal the scenes that they are in. As well, other nefarious relatives are hovering around trying to curry favour with the 2 old rascals, but they are too shrewd to be duped into any schemes with their money. A great family comedy.