Roy Buchanan

In 1970 the Washington post hailed Roy Buchanan the greatest guitar picker in the World. In 1971 Buchanan made his firstpublic appearance on a television special called “The Greatest Unknown Guitarist In The World” (hosted by Bill Graham).In 1976 Time magazine penned him “A Messiah on Guitar”. Roy’s blend of Blues, Rock and Roll, Country, Gospel,Jazz and R&B manifested into a new guitar stylethat influenced countless musicians that proceeded him. Merle Haggard once said: “He gets me right in the heart. He’s got soul.” Sadly, Roy Buchanan passed away in 1986, so the songs on this “deluxe edition” are not originals.However, there are 2 previously unreleased songs on this compilation (“Blues for Jimmy Nolan” and “The Last Word”).Each ofthe songs on this eclectic disc is given a distinctive twist that incorporates Buchanan’s manydiverse styles.In between this disc’s opening track (Roy’s rendition of Peter Gunn) to the last selection (The Last Word) your mouth will be watering in anticipation of Buchanan’s next guitar laden wizardry.