Rock Star

Set in the early 80’s, Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) is the lead singer of a band called Blood Pollution. They are a tribute band who play the music of British metal group Steel Dragon. When lead singer Bobby Beers (Jason Flemyng) of Steel Dragon is fired, Chris becomes the new lead singer. He is introduced at a press conference as Issy and suddenly has a British accent. He also brings his manager/girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) with him as the group goes on tour. Together, the two experience first hand the screaming fans, groupies, expensive toys, and of course, the wild, decadent parties that wannabe rock stars only dream about. The story was very well put together. It provided an insider’s view of the music industry. Mark Wahlberg completely steals the show and proves again that he is an outstanding actor. Stay for the credits and check out the amusing outtakes; Wahlberg even injects some rap.