Ringo Starr and the 2001 All Starr Band

High atop the Molson Centre, I eagerly awaited the start of the show. I was Looking forward to hearing this years current “All Starr Band” This year Ringo Starr’s tour selection is another great ensemble of talent. Greg Lake, Sheila E , Ian Hunter, Roger Hodgson, Mark Rivera and Howard Jones. This is Ringo Starr’s 7 th “All Starr Band” since its inception in July of 89.
This tour opened in Rama Ontario on Thursday followed by the Montreal show on Friday night. The only two Canadian show’s in the 28 show tour, plus a performance on the today show on August 3.
The show started off with ringo rushing on stage and going straight into “Photograph”. After the crowd settled down a bit, Ringo yelled, “what’s my name” into the already pumped crowd. He then mentioned that Montreal is a very musical town and played “Act Naturally”. Ringo then introduced the next member of this years current all starr band, Greg Lake, who played “Court of the Crimson King” Each performer introduced a subsequent member of the “Starr” band after there song was over.
When Ringo played “Yellow Submarine” about 100 people rushed the stage, probably getting the same shivers up their spine as I did, to sing, dance and reminisce about this “fab”oulus classic song. The security people let them remain dancing in front of the stage all night and it really added to the show. I found our Montreal audience to be in our usually form, by being incredibly responsive to the performers, with several standing ‘O’s and lots of cheering.
The band members were all really into there performance and even Sheila E, who was playing drums, came out in front to perform centre stage and did some drum stick juggling and caught one of the sticks behind her back, before throwing them out to the crowd.
By far, the audience was most responsive to Roger Hodgson’s of “Supertramp. He still hit those beautiful high notes with perfection when he played “Logical Song” and “Take the Long Way Home” He also thanked Montreal for making “supertramp” what they are. Any one out there remember the 2 shows at Jarry Park in the late 70’s. Yikes.

You may not recognize all of the songs below, but you sure would have recognized them when you heard them. Check out this assortment of hits. Talk about a “Help From My Friends” tour:

  • Photograph
  • Act Naturally
  • Court of the Crimson King
  • Logical Song
  • No One is to Blame
  • Cleveland Rocks
  • Love Bizarre
  • Boys
  • Give A Little Bit
  • You’re 16
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Karn Evil 9
  • I’m the Greatest
  • The No,No Song
  • The No,No Song
  • Things Can Only Get Better
  • I Still Love Rock n’ Roll
  • Glamorous Life
  • I Wanna Be Your Man
  • Lucky Man
  • Everlasting Love
  • Take the Long Way Home
  • All the Young Dudes
  • Don’t Come Easy
  • Encores
    • Don’t Go Where the Road Don’t Go
    • Help From My Friends