Riding in Cars with Boys

Based on the true story of writer Beverly Donofrio, Drew Barrymore plays the lead role of Beverly. The film takes place in the future, where she is driving in a car with her 20 year old son Jason (Adam Garcia) as she recollects her past. Drew plays an amazing range of characters, in what is perhaps her best role to date, as she plays Beverly from ages 15 to 36. However, I will not say that she stole the show as the rest of the cast was equally impressive. Ray (Steve Zahn) plays the role of her husband, quite a zany character. Some of his scenes were hysterical (“Please marry me because I’m shit without you.”), and his performance was great in the more serious hardship scenes as well. It’s always good to see James Wood again, his portrayal of Bev’s strict policeman father was flawless as usual. Brittany Murphy played Fay, Bev’s best friend, and also gave a very strong performance. The transition scenes from past to present (1961-1986) certainly deserve an honourable mention as well, as they were very realistic, and so was the nostalgic soundtrack. Although a little too stretched out at 131 minutes, this film deals with some very serious issues, such as teenage pregnancy, but it also includes an equal amount of funny scenes. This make it a movie that will do quite well at the box office and which should not be passed off as a simple chick flick.