The term Reptile is a slang word commonly used in Eric Clapton’s home town of Ripley,England, as a term of endearment and a sign of great respect and recognition. Theartwork for this CD is dedicated to the many “reptiles” Clapton has met during his travels. Primarily however, Reptile is dedicated to Clapton’s Uncle Adrian who recently passed away and with whom he spent a great deal of his childhood. “I realize now that most of my tastes in music, art, clothes, and cars were formed in this period of my life.” Two instrumental tracks bookend a magnificent assortment of covers by Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, James Taylor and JJ Cale; of course some original Clapton tracks are also tossed into the mix. This extraordinary CD’s solitary underprovided components are Clapton’s trademark extended guitar solos. Eric Clapton is in fine form as always; it’s been a pleasure once again to listen toSlowhand’s newest masterpiece.