Quebec-New York 911 fundraiser

200 artists and stage collaborators converged on one stage to pay tribute to the courage shown by the New York City rescuers who are still scavaging through the debris that was once called The Twin Towers. The artists and audience primarily came out to celebrate life. The show was directed by Pierre Boileau and conducted by Luc Boivin. Since there were so many artists featured, each performed only a song or two. Highlights featured the Cirque du Soleil, who performed between songs and mezmerized the crowd with their dancing and acrobatics. Celine Dion opened the second part of the show with “L’Amour Existe Encore”, her return to the Molson Centre was greatly appreciated by the crowd. Other highlights included Offenbach’s “Quand on n’a que l’amour”, Les Respectables performing “Come Together”, a performance by Diane Dufresne, as well as an appearance by a gifted young performer named Marie Pier Perrault, who sang “Ave Maria”. The real highlight of the evening was the audience. I’ve seen many concerts but I have never seen an audience more responsive and respectful of an event. When a band was introduced, or someone gave a speech, or a video clip was shown on the big screen, you could hear a pin drop as the crowd listened intently and watched. When a performer sang, the audience sat and listened to each and every word. If a performer did a dance type number, the crowd would respond by getting up and dancing. After each performer’s act, there was a standing ovation. All profits from the Quebec-New York “Un show pour la vie” are to be donated to the Red Cross, to aid the families who fell victim to last week’s horror.