Purely Belter

Based on the novel by Jonathan Tuloch “The Season Ticket” was renamed to “Purely Belter” because sports were not the main driving force behind this yarn. The story’s plot was based on the imagination and incessant persistence of two boys and their determination to fulfill their common dream. The two main characters, Gerry (Chris Beattie) and Sewell (Greg Mclane), considered hardcore football (soccer) fans made a decision to do whatever it took to get two season tickets for their home town team, the Newcastle’s United squad. The boys decided to drop out of school since they didn’t see any point in continuing their education. Their parents also seemed unconcerned. The lads gave up all of their vices, these included sniffing glue, boozing and buying fags (cigarettes). They attempted to raise the money for the tickets through a variety of criminally charged means. There were quite a few very funny one-liners in this film, the acting was fantastic.