Pink M!ssundaztood

Her debut album last year “Cant take me home” gained platinum and gold discs around the world. It produced three top 40 hits, two of them were top 10, and one gold. Pink wants to show that her musical talents are not only limited to being a one hit wonder known for her “dance-pop diva” style, and that her talents are more diverse. “It’s a lot more versatile, it’s a lot less contrived, it’s a lot more me”. She co-wrote 11 of the disc’s 14 songs along with Linda Perry. In “Family Portrait”, she sings about a child raised by two parents who fought all the time and eventually divorced. “My Vietnam” is also a song about her youth. Growing up, she and her father would help feed the homeless as well as Vietnam vets. “Get the Party Started” is certainly a dance type song, but has some guitar licks and will probably be one of the chart toppers. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler met Pink at a radio station and told her she reminded him of blues rocker Janis Joplin. They clicked so well that they wound up duetting on a ballad about going to church, entitled “Misery”.