Penny Lang

Penny Lang is considered to be the “first lady of Canadian Folk”. She started her career here in Montreal in 1963 when she walked into a local bar called “Café André” to audition as a singer. They liked her so much she started singing there the next day. She has six critically acclaimed CDs and has recently signed with Canadian folk music label “Borealis Records”. This CD features previously unreleased tracks from both live and studio recordings from 1963-1978. Since this CD is a collection of bootleg tapes and archival recordings from the past, the sound quality on some songs is a little grainy at times. However, that certainly won’t stop you from hearing Pennyís strong voice, as it will fill your room with sweet mellow sounds. Put on this CD, take an hour break from the real world, and let Penny take you on a blissful journey into the past with her gospel voice and folksy blues style of playing.