Paul Simon

You’re The One is Paul Simon’s first studio album since his 1990’s Rhythm Of The Saints release. The album features the same 10 piece band that Simon has collaborated with over the past several years. I found this CD to be very mellow; Simon’s voice so soothing and familiar to listen to. “It has a lot of space,” said Simon. “It’s a light record. I don’t want to make records that are too complicated, because I don’t think you can assume that if someone didn’t get it the first time, they will automatically sit down and listen again.” His upcoming tour is relatively short; Europe for the last two weeks of October, then a month in the United States, opening Nov. 10 in Seattle and winding up Dec. 7-9 at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. “I’d get tired of the road if I did it more,” he said. “But once I’ve done a record, I do want to go out and play it – see how it really sounds”. If you have enjoyed the various incarnations of Paul Simon’s musical career you’re bound to get pleasure from this melodious tour de force as well; check it out.