Named after the Aztec monkey god of dance and passion, Ozomatli formed in 1995 by Abers and Pacheco. They became regulars at Hollywood’s Opium Den Club, and built a reputation as one of the hottest live bands on the west coast. This Los Angeles-based 8-piece band play a mix of salsa, hip-hop, Reggae, Rock, Brazilian and Cuban jazz. I grooved on Pa Late and 1234. I enjoyed the unique style and the variety of instruments used on this album. Check out the assortment: Wil-Dog Abers (Electric and baby bass, background vocals), Ulises Bella (Selmer Saxophones and Bass Clarinet, Buffet Clarinet, Fender Bass and Guitar, Korg Keyboard), Andy Mendoza (drums), Asdru Sierra (vocals, trumpet); Raul Pacheco (Guitar, Sotto Voce), Justin Poree (percussion), Kanetic Source (rap vocals), Jiro Yamaguchi (tabla, percussion, background vocals), Justin Poree (percussion, programming), wow that almost constitutes an orchestra