Open Range

Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) joins forces with Boss Spearman (ROBERT DUVALL), Mose Harrison (ABRAHAM BENRUBI) and “Button” (DIEGO LUNA) in this destined to be classic western. The four freegraze their cattle across the prairies of the old West. When their herd passes through the outskirts of a small town, the cowboys encounter a Sheriff (JAMES RUSSO) and evil rancher (MICHAEL GAMBON) who are against there practices. Mose is beaten up and the others are warned to get out of dodge. Usually Im against Samson takes on Goliath type of films, especially when there is no reason to simply just leave town and move on. However, when Samson is Robert Duvall, then that’s a different story. Although Costner directed and starred in this film, he rightfully took second billing to Duvall. Although way to long at two hours and fifteen minutes, one certainly got a feel for the old west with some brilliant cinematography. There were lots of endless mountain ranges and awesome county landscapes which made the slow scenes bearable, while we waited far to long for the inevitable shootout at the end. The story was predictable and of course there was also a love story where Costner falls in love with Sue Barlow (ANNETTE BENING) the town doctors sister. If you like westerns, I don’t think you will be disappointed.