Like its name, this movie is about two narcotics detectives working undercover in Detroit. They are trying to solve the murder of one of their own. Although there are some very graphic scenes, this is not a typical action flick. Instead Director Joe Carnahan focuses on the characters lives both on and off the job, and this makes the graphic action scenes way more intense. He also mixes in some flashback scenes to fill the audience in on what might have happened. “Narc” tells the story of an undercover narcotics officer, Nick Tellis (Jason
Patric) who accidently shot a pregnant women during a shootout and has been suspended for 18 months. Since his cover was not blown he was asked to team up with Henry Oak (Ray Liotta), the slain officer’s partner, a downright nasty rogue cop who will stop at nothing to avenge his friend’s death. There was some pretty intense scenes in this film and the acting was superb. Not since good fellows have I seen such a brilliant performance from Ray liotta I hope this film gets the recognition at the box office that it deserves.