Mulholland Drive

To be or not to be, that is the question. In this case, this famous quote asks if you are a David Lynch fan or not. If you chose the latter, than you should read no further. Lynch fans unite as once again he proves that there is a fine line between a genius and someone who should be locked up in an insane asylum. There were several bizarre scenes, which reminded me of the Twin Peaks television series. Watch for these odd little tidbits: a man’s obsession with coffee or how about when someone speaks and their voice becomes distorted and then scene drifts off into some psychedelic experience, leaving you wondering if you are at home asleep and dreaming or actually at the theatre. Or a version of “Crying,” sung in Spanish, where the singer dies of sorrow but we find out that a karaoke box was doing the vocals. The theatre was a complete sell-out for the Montreal premiere, as everyone in attendance wanted to be first to see what Lynch would come up with next. No one walked out early and I’m sure all agree this was one strange movie, and you won’t be disappointed either, if you’re into “strange.”