Monsters Inc

Is your kid scared of the dangers that lurk underneath the bed, or the scary monsters that are in their closet and only come out when you close the doors? Well then take them to Monsters Inc and show them that monsters are actually very cute and cuddly and not to be feared at all. This film is certainly geared towards munchkins but adults in the audience certainly raised a few eyebrows at the crazy antics of the three main characters. Sully (John Goodman), who plays a huge blue-green and purple spotted hairball with horns and has a one-eyed green monster named Mike (Billy Crystal) for his best buddy. The arch enemy is played by (Steve Buscemi), who is a lizard-like character. Hats off once again to the amazing animation team and to some other very familiar voices like James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly and Mary Gibbs. As with most Disney films the older you are the more jokes you will understand, but make sure to bring a munchkin with you.