Midnite Vultures

California native Beck Hansen grew up and experimented with a variety of styles, ranging from hip-hop, blues, country, folk and heavy-rock. With his first hit song titled I’m A Loser Baby – So Why Don’t You Kill Me I would have expected Beck to be a one hit wonder. To my surprise, Beck’s Midnite Vultures has been nominated for a Grammy Award for best album of the year along with Einem’s The Marshall Mathers Lp, Paul Simon’s You’re The One, Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature and Radiohead’s Kid A (all of the previously mentioned albums have been reviewed by Orcasound.) This distinguished CD may take several listens to fully warm up to. That’s a little more work than I’m used, when listening to music. The musical styles on Midnite Vultures jump back and forth throughout this interesting CD. For example, Sexx Laws starts with a horn section and later goes into pedal steel guitar and then banjo. It’s nice to hear something a bit different from this inventive artist. Several critics have compared this multi themed release to Prince’s early works; using Peaches and Cream and Erotic City as references. This Album is definitely worth a listen to, check out Beck’s versatility of styles.