Mick Taylor

Despite last night’s pouring rain hundreds jammed into the friendly confines of the Café Campus to witness a truly unforgettable show. The mostly middle-aged crowd was treated to a very intimate night from o­ne of the greatest blues slide guitarist’s in the world. Taylor didn’t need flashy lights and special effects, to get his musical message across. The crowd watched in awe as Mick cut out some wicked guitar licks. Taylor performed an array of original numbers, along with eclectic blues ballads to songs borrowed from Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Mick Taylor’s profound absorption of his guitar’s fret-board manifested into several galactic jams. Taylor’s band provided a steady back beat to his orbital forays. Particularly impressive was Ottawa native Raphael Storto o­n drums who recently joined the band and was cheered o­n by several relatives in attendance. Bassist Ron Barry provided a perfect combo with Storto, not missing a beat. Glenn Roberts Smith, o­n rhythm guitar was the idyllic accompaniment to Taylor’s musical meanderings. Last but definitely not least, Peter Brown o­n keyboards contributed beautifully layered riffs throughout the night with a handful of solos and duos alongside Taylor. The two hour plus Café Campus concert was o­nly the third show of the tour and it left everyone in attendance wanting more, including the band. After the show I spoke with the drummer, Raphael Storto who was still in a blissful hyperspace after the concert. Storto said he was having the time of his life and is honored to be playing with such a tight band. At the end of the show Mick Taylor stated emphatically, “see you next year.” I look forward to seeing Taylor and his band again and I hope to see you there as well.