Matchstick Men

What a great movie. Nicolas Cage gives a stellar performance as a quirky con man, working with and grooming Sam Rockwell. Cage is full of bizarre habits and phobias, but everything is nevertheless running reasonably smoothly for the 2 grifters until Alison Lohman appears on the scene as the daughter Cage suspected that he had but never really wanted to face up to before. She starts poking her nose where it doesn’t belong and soon enough, she convinces her father to let her in on the con. The twist ending will catch even the most hardened viewers unawares. The screenplay is an adaptation of the cynical novel by Eric Garica and it’s got Oscar buzz surrounding it already. But the show stopper is Cage. The scenes where we see his most intimate peccadilloes are amazingly clever. He is an enormous talent at the top of his game. Easily his best performance since High Fidelity, I would not be surprised if he too is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. A real good time of a show.