Man on Fire

At 142 minutes, I think the director forgot that these types of films don’t win Oscars and pretty much wasted about an hour with useless filler of the characters bonding and getting inside everyone’s head. However, Denzil and the girl played there roles very well and made the first part bearable. This film will do very well at the box office as it has everything today’s movie goers need to get there fix of violence. Decent enough story, lots of action and torture scenes. It is definitely worth seeing. John Creasy(denzel), is a former CIA assassin. His past haunts him so much that he has become an alcoholic and he drifts into Mexico to visit his old buddy and fellow ex-agent Rayburn (Christopher Walken). Rayburn is living it up in mexico and is perfect for this role. He fixes up Creazy with a job as a bodyguard to a 9-year-old girl named Pita Ramos (Dakota Fanning) After the two become very good friends, she is kidnapped and the second part of the movie begins. Creasy goes on a killing spree to find the kidnappers and single handedly takes on the entire crew using all kinds of great military toys.