Love Honor and Obey

Jonny (Lee Miller) is a postal employee living in London. He is bored rigid and looking for excitement. His childhood friend (Jude Law) belongs to the toughest gang in North London, which is run by his uncle Ray Kreed (Ray Winstone). Bored with the lack of action, Jonny ignites a feud between the rival gang in south London. Some of the odd characters in this film include, an enforcer trying to overcome his impotence, a karaoke singing gang boss who is about to marry a television soap opera star. Ray is more concerned about his wedding preparations than in running the mob. The first part of this film is a funny spoof on gangsters. We listen to the boss blast into song with his own special version of “The Harder They Come”. The ending of the film had some serious unnecessary graphic violence which will certainly raise the rating from PG to perhaps an R rating. I’d recommend leaving about 15 minutes before the film ends so that you can enjoy the movie as a comedy without getting grossed out.