Love and Theft

This Four years ago, “Time Out of Mind” brought home three Grammy Awards for Bob. At age 60, most artists would be content to sit back and simply put out another “Greatest Hits” CD. Well, Dylan is certainly unlike most. Hearing his familiar and distinctive voice on “Love and Theft” is a real treat for any music lover. This new CD features twelve original tunes to sit back and listen to. I was completely blown away by the diversity of styles and by the delightful catchy tunes included on this album. “High water” features some banjo licks, “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum” has a nice toe stomping beat, “Summer Day” features an upbeat Western swing and “Honest with Me” is a hard-rocking catchy song. “Love and Theft” was recorded with Dylan’s touring band, augmented with other musicians such as Texas keyboardist Augie Myers, Larry Campbell, Charlie Sexton, Tony Garnier and David Kemper. Columbia Records has hired award winning commercial director Kinka Usher to make a TV commercial featuring Dylan in a card game with “Tweedle Dum And Dee” playing in the background. Check it out in the news section Incidentally, look for a limited supply of two CD sets. The second CD features “The Times They are A Changing” and “I Was Young When I Left Home.”