Love Actually

Love Actually is a feel good movie with some very dry, very wry British wit. It is a sophisticated tale of many lives intertwining with those wonderful twists and fates of life. Liam Neeson is a sympathetic step father to his young step son. The boy is smitten by an adorable little girl in school. Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister, falls for the lady who brings him his tea. Billy Bob Thorton does a cool cameo as the President of the United States who gets caught in a compromising position with said lady. Emma Thompson, as Grant’s sister is faced with a husband, Alan Rickman, who is being seduced by his gorgeous secretary. Laura Linney gives an understated performance as a victim of unrequited love for her hunky colleague. Bill Nighy is hilarious in his send up of an aging rock star who is a caricature of himself, but in the end realizes what really matters most are the ones you love. Rowan Atkinson is fun as an over the top store clerk. The film can be considered a little sappy at times, but overall it’s a pleasant show and a good date flick.