Lost in Translation

This is a finely crafted film and it’s clear that Sofia Coppola has inherited the story telling gift from her illustrious father Francis Ford. Bill Murray is superb as a past his prime actor in Tokyo filming a whisky commercial. The subtle nuances Murray brings to the role are a delight to see. The lack of communication between he and his Japanese hosts, particularly the director of the TV commercial, is very amusing. Scarlett Johansson co-stars as the wife of a photographer on assignment in Japan, who gets stranded in the hotel while her husband tours the country shooting pictures. She soon begins a subdued yet complex relationship with Murray that is not the typical love story at all. The exploration of their relationship and Murray’s deep character are at the very heart of this film. A really different kind of movie, one that we would not expect from Hollywood and a very pleasant surprise indeed. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.