Life as a House

This film should be on your must see list. It deals with the pleasures and hardships of every day life, and the grim realities of coming to terms with dying. Kevin Kline (portraying George Monroe) absolutely stole the show in this film. He plays the part of an architect who painstakingly builds models of buildings for an architectural firm. Modern technology has made his job obsolete, as computers can do his job faster and more efficiently. Being of the old school mentally, he refuses to learn to use computers and is subsequently let go by his boss. He also finds out that he is terminally ill and decides to build his dream house before he dies. There are many other subjects that all link together very well and they all come together in a very humorous way. George’s son, Sam (Hayden Christensen) is a suicidal teenager experimenting with his sexuality and drugs, while his mom Robin (Kristin Scott Thomas), who divorced George, is uncertain of her love with her new husband. Hats off to the makeup team. The subtle changes in his body due to his illness were very realistic.