“We want to make musique mondaine, music of the world,” says Awa Sangho, one third of the Ivory Coast band Les Go. The multi-African mix –Les Go are Sangho from Mali, and the other two Maate and Alama are from Guinea. Dan Gna (means the girls, as this is an all girl band) is a great blend of African roots with American styling. They first formed in the 80’s. Brooke Wentz who is the founder of Juna, the bands record label, decided that the band should work with producer Bruce Swedien. Although the band didn’t know of him, his track record speaks for itself, as he has worked with Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. He enlisted a lot of African American session musicians to lay down background tracks and this really makes this CD come alive. There is even a cover of the 80’s Hall and Oates hit “I can’t go for that.” Of course it first had to be translated into French and Mending, but I think it came out quite well. This CD is an attempt for Les Go to break into the American market with their “World Music” style and also by touring in North America. I hope you checked out Les Go at this years Nuits D’Afrique Festival.