Cookin’ out is Kombo’s second release on the Verve label. Thisfunky retro duo really gel on this album. I loved there version of War’s classic “Low Rider” Featuring Ron Pedley on acoustic piano, muted trumpet and organ and Jon Pondel on electric and acoustic guitars. Kombo also recruited some old and new friends to help out. Drummer SteveFerrone, who has played with, Tom Petty, and EricClapton, Percussionist Luis Conte is “alegend really,” says Pedley. “He’s played with Madonna,Diana Ross, Pat Metheny Group, Ricky Martin. Singer Sharon Hendrix sings on two tracks of this mostly instrumental CD andhas done session work with Bob Dylan.“We’re looking forward to trying‘Low Rider’ out live,” Pedley says. “It’s a jam band thing,sort of Grateful Dead-ish, with a contemporary jazz edge toit.” Upon completion of Cookin out, the duo received praisefrom The Verve Music Group’s Chairman Tommy LiPuma and President Ron Goldstein.Try this funky CD and you wont be disappointed.