Knockaround Guys

The story is about Matty Demaret (Barry Pepper), the son of mobster Benny “the Chains” (Dennis Hopper), and uncle Teddy (John Malkovich.) They refuse to let him join the family as he is weak and shows compassion for people.
Matty persuades the two to give him one chance and asks his buddy Johnny (Seth Green), who is a pilot, to pick up the cash and fly it back to New York Naturally it all goes bad. The local sheriff (Tom Noonan) wants to keep the cash for himself. Matty brings in two more of his buddies, Taylor (Vin Diesel) and Chris (Andrew Davoli) to help out as the sheriff runs the town. I found this movie to be mildly entertaining at best. The only thing that made it worthwhile was a very good cast who acted out the weak story and script out very well. This movie premiered in Europe late last year and is finally being released. Critics are calling it a wanna be goodfellows.