What would you do to determine if a man who claimed he was an extraterrestrial was brought to you? Would you lock him up or release him into the public, as he is completely non-violent? Jeff Bridges plays the part of a psychiatrist faced with this dilemma. He is perfect for this role for two reasons: 1) he played the other side of the coin in Spaceman, years back, and 2) his usual style of playing a perpetually, deeply caring, emotional person with that famous -and sometimes annoying- “upheaval” frown of his, are a perfect fit for this role. Kevin Spacey appears out of nowhere at New York City’s Grand Central Station during a mugging and, in the confusion, he ends up being questioned by the police. He claims that he is from another planet, and the police promptly send him to a mental institution. Spacey and Bridges play their roles to perfection as we try to discover whether he is lying or telling the truth about his origins. The movie’s release date is also very apropos, as Spacey mentions that the people of Earth are marked as “questionable” as to their survival chances, due to their violent behaviour.