Just Visiting

Just visiting is an American remake of the film “Les Visiteurs” (1993). I like the fact that they decided to use 2 of the original cast members. Jean Reno who plays the Count Thibault of Malfete and Christian Clavier as his servant Andre. Things are going quite well for our hero who lives in the 12 century, He is a strong warrior, owns lots of land, has his own servant and is about to marry the beautiful Rosalind (Christina Applegate). Unfortunately he is put under a spell and must go into the past to make things back to Normal. The wizard played by Malcomb McDowell whom he asks help of bumbles up the potion and the 3 are transported into modern day Chicago. The 3 suffer some serious culture shock, but fit in right away in the 21 century. There were more than one occasion when the audience was laughing close to tears. This is a very funny movie and is suitable for all ages as the story line is simple and we get to see what it would be like for us to see the modern world.