Joshua Redman


design imprinted on the compact disc of Joshua Redman’snewest

CD release is a Roman numeral clock which compliments his ten

year anniversary as a professional musician. Redman

sees jazz as “art in general as this unfolding process of a constant search

and adventure.” At Redman’s recent Montreal concert the audience was treated to

a few parts of the bands upcoming CD, Time Passages. Joshua Redman is Joined

by Aaron Goldberg (Piano), Reuben Rogers (bass) and Gregory Hutchinson

(drums) they help him combine his style of free form jazz, funk and rhythm

and blues on this brilliant CD. Redman

describes his musical selections as journeys  “…

a piece of music that says something

from start to finish” and “I see this piece as a journey that takes place

” Some of the journeys Redman is referring to are the musical interactions

with the other members of the band. Sometimes,

two way, three way and four way. Free Speech Bronze and Time

Were are among my favorite songs

on the album