Joe Jackson

After hearing Joe Jackson’s liveCD, Summer in the City a few months agoI was delighted to determine that Joe was still in true musical form. I was very pleased to discover that he had an upcoming new CD called Night and Day II. This recording is a sequel to one of his best artistic masterpieces,Night and Day. Of course the themes of both CDs are still similar although the musical feel is quite dissimilar to the original.I remember enjoying Jackson’s percussiveand jazz-like overtones from Night and Day and I must admit I missed the previous musical flavor of the previous album. However, thisfine CD shines on its own and should not be compared to its predecessor. This CD would be a good buy for any die hard Joe Jackson fan or anyone else ready to discover something a little eclectic yet very entertaining. Jackson is joined by Marianne Faithfulon “Stranger Than You” and “Love Got Lost”I enjoyed “Why”, “Happyland” and “Stay.”I think you will also discover several fun tracks on this album, enjoy.