Joe Cocker and the Guess Who

Joe Cocker Came out clad in a black suit said hello to Montreal and from his first tune to his last had the audience in awe. He opened with an appropriate tune “Feelin’ alright”. Although his face may have shown his age, his energy and incredible powerful and distinct voice haven’t changed a bit. I counted him jump 8 times throughout his 13 song set. The crowd reciprocated his efforts with several standing ovations. We were treated to some fine solo efforts from the band that accompanied him, especially during “write me a letter” and “unchain my heart” where we saw a sax and guitar solo. He played all of his big time classic hits, including “your so beautiful” with only the piano player, and of course the inevitable, famous the world over “with a little help from my friends” which I’m sure sent a shiver up everyone’s spine as some sang, some danced and others watched in admiration at this truly talented vocalist. Way to Go Joe