Jimmy Neutron

Move over Elroy Jetson and make room for Jimmy Neutron. Kids and adults alike will certainly chuckle at some of the gizmos and gadgets that this mini superhero invents. This is Nickelodeon’s first 3D animated character and was originally released in 1995 as an animated short called Johnny Quasar. Jimmy is the smartest kid around, but when it comes to being cool he just doesn’t fit in with the rest of his classmates. One day, aliens kidnap all the parents and bring them to their home planet. Jimmy converts all the rides from a local amusement park into nifty spaceships and he and his friends take off and try to rescue them from being eaten. You will probably recognize some of the voices as those of Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Rob Paulsen, Andrea Martin and Debi Derryberry. Certainly not a movie to see unless you bring kids along, but it has a lot moments which will keep you entertained.