Set in the middle of the desert late at night during a heavy rainstorm. Ten strangers who are forced to abandon there cars come together at a grungy hotel. These people soon realize that they are being murdered one by one. Through the use of flashbacks each persons character is shown and it becomes evident that each one is running from something and We also see how they all happened to be at the same place at the same time. The remaining survivors band together and desperately seek clues to find the killer and to solve the mystery as to what they all have in common. If you like psychological-thriller b flicks you will certainly want to check this flick out. I think it will be in repertoire cinemas for years to come. Ed (John Cusak) and Rhodes (Ray Liotta) are two actors in there prime and Im surprised they took such roles in this one. They both played there roles very well, but they belong in better films than this.